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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Valley of Masks : a must read

"This is my story. And the story of my people. The Valley of Masks examines the pathologies of power, purity and dogma to give us a frightening yet ultimately redemptive vision of the future. In the words of Ashish Nandy, critic and social commentator, This brilliant, superbly imaginative but terribly disturbing novel transcends borders, cultures, reading habits and literary fashions. As a story of the inhumanity of any human search for absolute perfection, it probably has no parallel in our literature. As a fable, it has a moral that will return to haunt you." -

I became a fan of Tejpal after reading " The Alchemy of Desire". But I was stunned after reading this one. Starting from the narrative to treatment, everything was entirely different in this book. Only one thing was similar. You can't put it down, just like the previous one.

Highly recommended for all Bookaholics.

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